Memory Moog

Daniel Efram is a multi-media producer and curator, photographer and business consultant. He once found a Memory Moog analog keyboard in the garbage. It was like winning the lottery.

Having worked in the music industry for all of his adult-life, he has also produced documentary films and television programming, art projects, photography shows and helped numerous creative entities via project management, marketing and promotion.

Efram has managed musical group The Apples in stereo for the past 15 years. Current projects include curating multimedia artist Steve Keene’s “Modular Synthesis” show at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles (January 16 – February 13, 2016), as well as producing documentaries on Keene and A Place We Have Been To: A film featuring The Elephant 6 Recording collective which includes primary entities The Apples in stereo, Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel.

After steering Norah Guthrie and Klezmatics album and live program “Wonder Wheel – Lyrics by Woody Guthrie” toward a Best Contemporary World Music Grammy in 2007, Efram then started the #ReTweet4Pete campaign to initiate a discussion of a Pete Seeger Memorial in Washington, D.C. and its petition.

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