Artist Management. By The Hour.

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Artist Management. By The Hour.

My long-term client roster is full, so I am not able to consider taking on new management clients at this time. However, I would still love to help you through my Career Coaching + Advice service.

Whether you are just starting out or are twenty years into the game, having specific goals and a plan is an important part of developing your career. Many musicians, managers, labels, productions and organizations come to Tractor Beam for such guidance. This advisement is for all types of artist-based businesses, will help you gain a foothold in the process and active steps that lead to your goals.

I offer an assessment of where you are along your career path and advice with an eye toward achievement.

Whether you are in need of launching a new album, building community, understanding basic business protocols that will get you taken more seriously, developing your next Kickstarter campaign or searching for a producer, engineer, booking agent, lawyer, publicist, music supervisor, specific type of composition, brand, or finding a record label, my Career Coaching + Advice Session (Phase 1) will provide a 1-on-1 opportunity to gain invaluable insight and perspective.

Action Plan Development (Phase 2) complements the career coaching session mentioned above, with an action plan, giving you the roadmap to take the steps necessary toward reaching your specific goals.

Phase 3, Ongoing Project Maintenance , is an ongoing weekly, monthly or quarterly meeting, in order to help you continue on your path to success and deal with any new challenges that arise.

Program Description and Fees

Phase 1: Initial Consultation + Advice Session
Coaching and Initial Consultation (Includes: 1.5 hours research, 1,5 hours direct consultation): The initial consultation includes 1.5 hours of research, plus 1.5 hours of dialog over coffee, via phone call or video chat, with direct feedback being given. Service is billed on an hourly basis. Follow-up conversations are billed on an hourly basis.

Phase 2: Action Plan Development + Follow-up
Project Plan Development (Includes: 1.5 hours research, 1.5 hours face time, plan development and FREE 1 hour follow-up call): This service includes a coaching session (above) but provides you with a written plan with direct suggestions as to how to obtain your goals and objectives. Additionally, this includes one hour of follow-up and explanation as to how to implement these goals.

Phase 3: Ongoing Project Maintenance
Follow-up weekly and monthly meetings to make sure that you are still on track for your goals. Meetings usually last 1.5 hours.

Email me for more details and pricing.