Howl! Happening

6 E 1st Street NYC
Weds April 17, 2019 6-8 PM
(performance begins at 6:30)

For one night only, dive into an immersive evening of spectacle and delight celebrating/to celebrate the publication of DAN EFRAM’s noir b/w photo artbook, CURIOSITIES. Already named LEICA’s “Book of the Month,” EFRAM’s debut collection captures the kind of street opera and bravura of a Fellini cast, or Weegee’s sordid superstars.

This exclusive HOWL! Happening evening brings the spirit of the street into the gallery like never before:
the audience crosses/will cross/pass between
the borders/worlds of city street to
art/performance gallery/exhibition,
and bathes/floods/embraces
the viewers/audience
in/with sound,
releasing a never-before-seen/ multiscreen presentation of images/imagery from the book.

Recontextualized/scored/soundtracked with snatches of overheard conversations/sound samples/layers of language/bits of dialogue/ sound collages/quotes/confessions/into a luminous/dizzying/intimate/ intriguing/ evocative/haunting/moving/memorable/unforgettable experience where the audience becomes spectators… and perhaps the observed.

Led by the jubilant drum corps NOSSOS TAMBORES, the performance merges into neo-noir experimental soundscapes from JIM COLEMAN (This Wilderness, Gain Control, Cop Shoot Cop) and SARAH REGISTER (War Bubble, Talk Normal). EFRAM’s images/portraits shift/pass/move/envelop/circle around us like a staggered film/history documentary made up of never-before-seen photographs/images and we begin to hear bits of conversation. Like layers of….sorry what? A little overheard gem…about…who was talking about hallucinations? Keep your voice down. Collected/curated/edited from a breathtaking array of sources (and selections from her own work), NICOLE BLACKMAN (Golden Palominos, Recoil, KMFDM) gives voice to the endless and anonymous/ pedestrians/street vendors/police/nightcrawlers/sterotypes/creatures of the night/cast/characters/tropes/icons along with actor/screenwriter TONY DRAZAN (dir: Hurlyburly, Zebrahead).

You probably think you know the difference between the street and the stage. CURIOSITIES begs to differ…


DAN EFRAM: Photographer
DANIEL EFRAM has photographed intriguing characters in Spain, Portugal, France, Cuba and the US for years, and continues to be inspired by photographers like Weegee, Diane Arbus, Brassai, Sylvia Plachy and Garry Winogrand. With them Efram shares the desire to master of the candid portrait, but also as a hunter and collector of the odd, the unusual, and the darkly fascinating. Efram’s work manages invite his subjects to inhabit their space with both an often unexpected edge and empathy.

NICOLE BLACKMAN: Writer/spoken word performer
Creator of multisensory performances The Courtesan Tales, Beloved, and Bloodwork, she has recorded with The Golden Palominos, Bill Laswell, Recoil, KMFDM, Scanner, and Firewater. Blackman’s book Blood Sugar became a cult classic (now out of print), and her work appears in anthologies and publications including Aloud: From the Nuyorican Poets Café, Live Through This, New York Quarterly, and Bust. She wrote the foreword and co-edited CURIOSITIES with Efram.

An American musician who plays keyboards and sampler. He was a member of the 1990s noise rock band Cop Shoot Cop, and since has as a solo musician specializing in instrumental electronic music and film scores. His two current projects are This Wilderness and Gain Control.

Led by Rob Christiansen (29 Hour Party People, Eggs, Grenadine), Nossos Tambores is a mini-drum corp named after a song by their favorite group and inspiration Nacao Estrela Brilhante do Recife (National Bright Star Reef).

Screenwriter/Actor/Director Imaginary Crimes starring Harvey Keitel, Hurlyburly starring Sean Penn, episodes of The West Wing, and wrote/directed the 1992 film Zebrahead.

Currently performing with War Bubble, having previously released two albums with noise rock project Talk Normal; touring guitarist with EMA, and bassist with Frankie Rose. She has mastered more than 2,000 albums, including Grammy-nominated releases from David Bowie, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Meshell Ndegeocello, Tiesto, and The Shins.

* * *