Brooklyn Premiere: Dan Efram’s Public Hanging, Numero Uno

Dan Efram’s Public Hanging, Numero Uno at The Pie Shop
Brooklyn Photgraphy Premiere
Opening Friday, November 13

The Pie Shop/Dub Pies and Tractor Beam are proud to present photographer Dan Efram’s “Public Hanging, Numero Uno” show at The Pie Shop (Windsor Terrace, 211 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215) from November 13 until December 5th.

This black and white photography show is comprised of six 16″ x 20″ pieces comprised of abstract architecture, minimalism, lines and characters taken from travels to France and Spain.

Efram, a film, events, arts and music producer by day is curating the upcoming Steve Keene Modular Synthesis solo art show by re-known Brooklyn artist Steve Keene at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery in Los Angeles, scheduled for January 16 – February 13, 2016.

Though this is Efram’s first solo show in Brooklyn , his work has also shown at The Grange (Warwick, NY) and through his Instagram account @tractorbeamnyc.

The Opening will be held on Friday, November 13, 2015 from 8-10 pm.

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Robert Schneider to Support E6 Cohorts Neutral Milk Hotel / Publishes Ramanujan Article In The Believer

The Apples in stereo’s Robert Schneider to Support Elephant 6 Cohorts Neutral Milk Hotel on Band’s Final Tour

Publishes Long Article on Mythical Mathematical Genius Srinivasa Ramanujan in McSweeney’s The Believer

(Decatur, GA): The Apples in stereo’s Robert Schneider will provide direct support for Elephant 6 friends Neutral Milk Hotel on several dates over the summer, for the last dates of their long-running reunion tour. Schneider produced, engineered, arranged and performed on both Neutral Milk Hotel albums, and is a lifelong collaborator of NMH leader Jeff Mangum. This is his first tour since apparently leaving the music scene three years ago to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Emory University, studying under world-renowned number theorist Ken Ono.

“I have missed playing shows, and traveling with my friends,” says Schneider. “This is going to be awesome.” Dates below.

But the intervening years have been busy ones for Schneider. This month, he and bandmate Benjamin Phelan have published a long article in The Believer about Schneider’s trip to India to investigate a mathematical super-genius named Srinivasa Ramanujan. (In fact, it’s Ramanujan who’s responsible for Schneider’s musical hiatus–after hearing Ramanujan’s incredible story, he put the band on hold and moved to Georgia to pursue a Ph.D. in number theory.) The article is just as bold and adventurous as anything released under the auspices of Elephant 6. While on tour for 2010’s Travellers in Space and Time, Schneider and Phelan, a new Apple recruited for the tour, who happened also to be a magazine writer (New York Times Book Review, Harpers, Best American Science Writing 2009), discovered a joint love of mathematics, and developed a unique shared perspective on the meaning of Ramanujan’s work. In an article for The Believer, “Encounter with the Infinite,” Schneider and Phelan relate their intricate vision, weaving Schneider and Ramanujan’s story together to create a psychedelic travelogue through Southern India and an inquiry into the nature of infinity. (Link to article:

Wed Jun 3, 2015 McDonald Theatre, 1010 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR 97401-3133

Thu Jun 4, 2015, Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101

Fri Jun 5, 2015 Knitting Factory – Spokane, 919 W. Sprague Ave., Spokane, WA 99201

Sat Jun 6, 2015, Wilma Theatre, 131 S. Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59802

Mon Jun 8, 2015, Knitting Factory – Boise, 416 S. 9th Street, Boise, ID 83702

Tue Jun 9, 2015, Knitting Factory – Reno, 211 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501

Wed Jun 10, 2015, Crest Theatre, 1013 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Thu Jun 11, 2015, The Phoenix Theater, 201 East Washington, Petaluma, CA 94952

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Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and The Onion Cover #Elephant6 Doc Fundraising

e6 media support logos









Tractor Beam is excited to report that Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The Onion, Tiny Mix Tapes and Paste Magazine have covered “A Place We Have Been To: A Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co.” (Aka “The Elephant 6 Doc”). Links to the article included.

Please go to the Film Page and check out the project.

A Place We Have Been To, A Documentary Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co. Announces In-Progress Screening & Fundraiser October 13th


Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Place We Have Been To, A Documentary Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co. Announces In-Progress Screening & Fundraiser October 13th

Fundraising Campaign Kicks Off Today

(Louisville, KY): A Place We Have Been To, a documentary film featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co. is being Produced and Directed by Louisville, KY’s Chad Stockfleth and New York’s Dan Efram, longtime manager of The Apples in stereo.

The Elephant 6 Recording Company was formed by a collective of American musicians including Will Cullen Hart and Bill Doss of The Olivia Tremor Control, Robert Schneider of The Apples in stereo and Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel.

A fundraising event that includes an in-progress showing footage from A Place We Have Been To will also include performances by Elephant 6 illuminati Circulatory System and Robert Schneider will take place at Athens, GA’s Cine’, 234 West Hancock Avenue, October 13, at 7pm.

Tickets for the event are available at A Place We Have Been To’s crowdfunding page.

A Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co.
A Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co.

“My hope for this film is not to make a ‘behind the music’ style exposition of exactly how groups were formed or albums recorded, but to create something more akin to an early E6 mail-order mixtape.” explains Director Chad Stockfleth. “A kaleidoscopic experience that not only encourages you to dig deeper into the Elephant 6 catalogue, but to gather your own friends and make something.”

Stockfleth, a commercial video Producer and Director, first learned of the Elephant 6 world through mutual friends in psych-pop group Big Fresh. He was later introduced to Robert Schneider and demanded to shoot a live performance of The Apples in stereo just as Bill Doss had joined the band. The idea for an Elephant 6 doc, though not new, was suggested. Six years later, footage has been assembled and the film is looking to gain finishing funds.

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Tickets and trailer available at:

Screening, October 13, 2014, 7pm
Cine’, 234 West Hancock Avenue, Athens, GA

Ted Barron

Ted Barron was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1965 and began making photographs and films at the age of twelve. He moved to New York City in the 1980’s to study at The School of Visual Arts. His work has been seen in numerous publications, including New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Rolling Stone and Esquire, as well in exhibitions worldwide.

Steve Keene’s Brooklyn Experience Continues This Week; Interview With #YourOwnVoice Now Live!; Pics From Steve Keene Day In Brooklyn, USA

Borough President Eric Adams, Artist Steve Keene

Steve Keene’s Brooklyn, his featured exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library has only 2 weekends left in order to catch him painting LIVE at the plaza. SK will be working July 10, 11 & 12 and July 17, 18 & 19; hours are 11am – 4pm with the art sales to be held toward the end of the day.

Recently, Steve Keene appears on #YourOwnVoice, a monthly, non-narrated mixtape produced and edited by radio producer and science journalist Joel Werner.

Here are some pics from opening weekend.

Tagged photos courtesy Gregg Richards and Dan Efram.

Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Reporter, Others Cover Steve Keene’s Brooklyn Experience @ Brooklyn Public Library

Photo © Gregg Richards
Steve Keene paints at the Brooklyn Public Library on June 14, 2014. Steve Keene’s Brooklyn Experience runs until August 29th. Photo: Gregg Richards














The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter and Brooklyn Paper have covered Steve Keene’s Brooklyn Experience exhibit that opened on June 14th and will run until August 29th.

Continue reading “Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Reporter, Others Cover Steve Keene’s Brooklyn Experience @ Brooklyn Public Library”

June 14th, 2014 Has Been Officially Proclaimed Steve Keene Day by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

June 14th, 2014 Has Been Officially Proclaimed Steve Keene Day by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

Blick / Utrecht Art Supplies Sponsors Steve Keene as Artist-in-Residence / NYC Debut at Brooklyn Public Library

Steve Keene at his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Glam Saboteurs Evil Arrows To Perform At Grand Opening/Affordable Art Fair Celebration on June 14th

Borough President Eric Adams has proclaimed June 14th, 2014 “Steve Keene’s Experience Day” throughout Brooklyn, NY, to celebrate Keene’s debut NYC Show at the Brooklyn Public Library. Brooklynites will be treated to a Keene performance experience as he paints in the round, outdoors on the Library’s Grand Plaza.

Keene is a prolific artist, with more than 250,000 pieces in public and private collections. He is well known among independent music fans for creating original album artwork, video sets, stage sets and promotional posters for musical artists such as Silver Jews, Pavement, The Apples in stereo, Soul Coughing, Merzbow and The Dave Matthews Band.

From June 14th to August 29th, an exhibition entitled Steve Keene’s Brooklyn Experiencewill feature works in Central Library’s Grand Lobby that pay homage to Brooklyn and to BPL, rendered in Keene’s Wood Sculpture and Tattooed Plywood. To create these works, Keene draws and models in 3D software that then generates files that are cut by aComputer Numerical Control router into plywood sheets. The output becomes the building blocks for the Wood Sculptures and the engraved drawings that are Tattooed Plywood.

Blick Art Materials / Utrecht Art Supplies have sponsored the event, providing Keene with all paints he will need for his three month residency at Brooklyn Public Library as well as discounts and raffles for prizes to celebrate the opening weekend, which will take place at the Central Library at 10 Grand Army Plaza on Saturday, June 14th at 1pm.

Blick Art Materials / Utrecht’s store in Brooklyn will feature a demonstration by Keene on June 18th. The Utrecht Store is located at 536 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

Evil Arrows, a new Brooklyn-based indie group formed by Bryan Scary (formerly of his Shredding Tears) bring their dynamic, cranked-up, glam inspired songs to the Plaza for the festivities that day at 1pm. Preview Evil Arrows’ two EPs featuring “Last Living Doll” HERE.

“I’m excited about working with Brooklyn Public Library,” stated Keene. “A library is like a train station for the mind. It is the point from which you can travel anywhere, everywhere. There is something so energizing about both the familiar and the unknown all at your fingertips waiting for new connections to be made. I try to include this sense of unlimited possibility in my work.”

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Steve Keene Official Website: – Twitter:  @keene_steve
Video Interview (For Embedding):
Curator Dan Efram, Tractor Beam:  @tractorbeamnyc
Evil Arrows:  @evilarrows

For More Information on Steve Keene Please Contact:
Pam Nashel Leto @ Girlie Action (212) 989-2222 x 111
Kelly Kettering @ Girlie Action (212) 989-2222 x 123

Brooklyn Public Library Names Steve Keene as Artist-In-Residence for NYC Debut

Steve Keene at his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Steve Keene at his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Steve Keene at his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

For Immediate Release: May 5, 2014

Brooklyn Public Library Names Steve Keene as Artist-in-Residence for NYC Debut

Residency Features Premiere of New Work, A Summer Exhibition June 12-August 29 and Weekly On-Site Painting Performances On Grand Army Plaza

Related Events Include a Painting Demo by the Artist, Affordable Art Fair June 14 
and Four Art Workshops for Children throughout the Summer
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Editorial: Motorino’s Bikes Damage Trees

Massive amount of bikes leaning against a tree in front of Motorino.


UPDATE: A 311 Service Request #: C1-1-969386001   /    Date Submitted: 05/15/14 12:44:46 PM   / 
Request Type: Illegal Tree Damage   /   Details: Bicycle Chained to Tree

Tweet This: . They kill trees with their bikes and make a killing off of delivery business.

As an avid bicyclist and pizza lover, it pains me to write this note to you. East Village food staple Motorino is actively uncaring and hurting the lone tree in front of its establishment.

It is leaning and locking its massive supply of bikes to the trunk. Everyone knows the value of a tree and how NYC has a dearth of them. This restaurant simply does not care. It wants your business but not any of the responsibility that goes along with it.

Let me explain further, I have approached the restaurant about this problem on numerous occasions. At first gently nudging them 6 months ago, discussing the bike-hurts-tree issue with initially-seemingly-caring-blond-maned, bearded manager of the establishment. He assured me he would take it up with the owners with a concerned tone in his voice. Silly me that I would believe him! I’m such a sucker for logic and doing the right thing!!

As the weather has improved, I started noticing nothing had changed. Gasp! Could it be the manager had misled me on purpose? Say it isn’t so! (As a point of fact, I have been good for Motorino, frequently recommending it to friends, have eaten at and even (gasp) ordered take-out from them on numerous occasions.)

As with the other instances, I beckoned him out front, pointed in the direction of the tree and the too-numerous-to-count delivery bikes locked and resting against the bark of this poor tree.

At first, he pleads ignorance, asks for my suggestions and claimed to be sympathetic to the trees’ plight. “I ask you. What should we do?” he asked while shrugging sensitively at the tree in question. He asked for solutions. Cool, I thought, he really wants to address the problem. I’ll show him some immediately!

When I returned 10 minutes later with ideas in the form of pictures from their neighborhood’s other more pro-active, environmentally sound tree-protecting solutions, he shrugged me off.

I submit to you the pics that state the obvious. By any business standard, the abuse is excessive, there are ignored options nearby (city bike stand) and more more importantly, pure greed and lack of community concern keeps Motorino and other businesses acting the way they do. The manager stated they have “15 bicycles,” this indicates demand is high for their wonderful pizza! However, when it comes to the neighborhood, they are taking us for granted and for this I say no more.

After giving Motorino the opportunity to get in front of this issue 6 months ago, they have dismissed it. As Jimmy Stewart said in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington “Either I’m dead right, or I’m crazy!” I know this is an issue that the neighborhood believes in… I suggest letting your feelings be known on Yelp. Share your pictures. Let them and other businesses know that this is unacceptable!

Many will shrug this off as simply as the price of business, I believe that logic says otherwise. As NYC becomes more of a biking community, this issue will come up again and more frequently. It is also an issue that can be easily eliminated.

Thanks for reading and, if you care… acting.

For more information goto The Chainlink and its forum piece on the effects of locking bikes to trees.

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