Call It Democracy


Call it Democracy A Film by Matt Kohn

A historical look at the electoral process in the United States that goes far beyond the controversy of the 2000 election and the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court ruling, Call It Democracy aired most recently in Fall 2012 on The Documentary Channel prior to the Presidential Election.

Call It Democracy looks into the nation’s history touching upon other close elections such as the 1960 Kennedy v. Nixon campaign, the attempt by Segregationist Third Party Candidate George Wallace to manipulate the electoral college in 1968 and the three other elections not won by popular vote prior to the 20th century.

The also film explores the validity of the electoral college and contemplates the future of elections in post 2000 America, 2002’s Help America Vote Act and ramifications of electronic voting.

In late 2005, Call It Democracy, was seen at over fifty universities and several prestigious festivals across the country. It continues to screen each year during election season and available on DVD through Ironweed Films.