Art Event: The Nouveau Noir, Thursday, July 21st

Curated by Daniel Efram With
The Dream Lovers and Ron Ward
July 21, 2016, 7 PMThe Nouveau Noir is a visual, sonic and multidimensional experience featuring experimental music by The Dream Lovers, spoken word by writer/performer Ron Ward, and animated abstract visuals by Daniel Efram.Efram is an artist/photographer whose photos deal with abstract architecture, characters, and minimalism. Informed by film noir, Man Ray, and Orwellian provocations, his exhibition Public Hanging No. 3 opens August 4th at The Grange, Warwick, New York. As a curator, he most recently produced the Modular Synthesis show by painter Steve Keene at Subliminal Projects, Shepard Fairey’s Los Angeles Gallery. Many may know Efram from his longtime work as a producer of documentary film, music and international performances.

Bill Bronson (The Dream Lovers, The Gunga Din, Swans, Spitters) is the captain of the musical journey of Nouveau Noir. An ambitious sonic explorer, deftly procuring sounds from guitars and keyboards, he has performed experimental music with Lary 7, Bradford Reed and others.

Ron Ward (Five Dollar Priest, Speedball Baby) is a musician, actor and longtime performance denizen of the Lower East Side. He will be performing with James Chance and The Contortions on July 28th at The Bowery Electric and recently starred in Sue De Beer’s short film in the United Arab Emirates.

Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and The Onion Cover #Elephant6 Doc Fundraising

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Tractor Beam is excited to report that Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The Onion, Tiny Mix Tapes and Paste Magazine have covered “A Place We Have Been To: A Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co.” (Aka “The Elephant 6 Doc”). Links to the article included.

Please go to the Film Page and check out the project.

A Place We Have Been To, A Documentary Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co. Announces In-Progress Screening & Fundraiser October 13th


Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Place We Have Been To, A Documentary Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co. Announces In-Progress Screening & Fundraiser October 13th

Fundraising Campaign Kicks Off Today

(Louisville, KY): A Place We Have Been To, a documentary film featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co. is being Produced and Directed by Louisville, KY’s Chad Stockfleth and New York’s Dan Efram, longtime manager of The Apples in stereo.

The Elephant 6 Recording Company was formed by a collective of American musicians including Will Cullen Hart and Bill Doss of The Olivia Tremor Control, Robert Schneider of The Apples in stereo and Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel.

A fundraising event that includes an in-progress showing footage from A Place We Have Been To will also include performances by Elephant 6 illuminati Circulatory System and Robert Schneider will take place at Athens, GA’s Cine’, 234 West Hancock Avenue, October 13, at 7pm.

Tickets for the event are available at A Place We Have Been To’s crowdfunding page.

A Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co.
A Film Featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Co.

“My hope for this film is not to make a ‘behind the music’ style exposition of exactly how groups were formed or albums recorded, but to create something more akin to an early E6 mail-order mixtape.” explains Director Chad Stockfleth. “A kaleidoscopic experience that not only encourages you to dig deeper into the Elephant 6 catalogue, but to gather your own friends and make something.”

Stockfleth, a commercial video Producer and Director, first learned of the Elephant 6 world through mutual friends in psych-pop group Big Fresh. He was later introduced to Robert Schneider and demanded to shoot a live performance of The Apples in stereo just as Bill Doss had joined the band. The idea for an Elephant 6 doc, though not new, was suggested. Six years later, footage has been assembled and the film is looking to gain finishing funds.

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Tickets and trailer available at:

Screening, October 13, 2014, 7pm
Cine’, 234 West Hancock Avenue, Athens, GA

Charlie Victor Romeo Wows AFI Festival

Charlie Victor Romeo still
The American Film Institute‘s annual celebration of international cinema from modern masters and emerging filmmakers, AFI FEST featured Charlie Victor Romeo, which made its Los Angeles sold-out debut on November 9, 2013.

“Charlie Victor Romeo might be the most interesting film I’ll see all year.” – Le Noir Auteur

“A well made thriller… the material is (brilliantly) constructed and fashioned into a well plotted and escalating film.”  – Le Noir Auteur

“Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, “Charlie Victor Romeo” is a film unlike anything I have ever seen before.” – David Morris /

Here’s the official AFI Fest page on Charlie Victor Romeo.

Tractor Beam played a role securing the master and synchronization licenses for the film.



Living With The Dead Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

living with the dead kickstarter
Living With The Dead
 Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

Tractor Beam Offers Crowd Funding Campaign Management

We are excited to announce that the feature film Living With The Dead is able to proceed to production as it reached its Kickstarter goal yesterday.

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Gravitation Generator: Gary Calamar On Dexter, Wilfred, Record Store Days & West Side Story’s Continued Significance

Gary Calamar, President of Go Music, is a five time Grammy-nominated producer and music supervisor who currently oversees the music on HBO’s True Blood, Showtime’s Dexter, and a personal favorite, FX’s Wilfred. Past credits include HBO’s Six Feet Under and Entourage, amongst too many others to mention. An longtime DJ and show host for keenly influential radio station KCRW, Calamar also co-wrote Record Store Days (with Phil Gallo), a historical document of record store culture past and present.

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Gravitation Generator: Erica Hill on Beck, Artist Michelle MacNaught + Finding Inspiration

Erica HillDirector, Photographer and Producer Erica Hill and I first met prior working on Clem Snide’s “Your Night to Shine” video (below), from their debut album “You Were A Diamond” (Tractor Beam Records). Her beautiful work on this video speaks for itself.

It is one whose visual simplicity belies a complicated production. In it, Hill enlisted a crew of volunteers, arranged for waltzing dancers and avoided being hit by cars. Recently, she located the original video master.

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Gravitation Generator: JG Thirlwell Talks Manorexia, John Peel and Analogue Synths

(JG Thirlwell in middle-back with laptop)

JG Thirlwell is seemingly always in motion. He is the mind behind many experimental music and sound projects including Manorexia, Steroid Maximus and Foetus; the composer behind two The Kronos Quartet string quartets and Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. animated tv program; as well as the film score composer to Seeking The Monkey King and The Blue Eyes.

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Super Secret Russian Band Film Shoot In Bushwick Yesterday

2013-06-18 22.43.03

Tractor Beam was hired to piece together a Russian band for an upcoming film starring Anne Hathaway in Bushwick. Brooklyn yesterday. Here’s just one of the shots from behind the scenes.

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