Elijah Wood Talks “Maniac” @ The Apple Store, Soho, NYC

Elijah @ The Apple Store

Elijah Wood came to The Apple Store in Soho promoting his new horror film, Maniac. This IFC film, a remake of the 80’s cult favorite of the same name, will be available June 21st. The event featured a discussion with Wood about the making of this film, the horror film genre  and a Q+A session with the audience.

The most humorous question of the day was definitely when an eager inquisitor asked “did you learn anything about women from the making of this film?” Maniac, an abashed slasher pic following the life of a psychopath mannequin maker, is not really the type of film that one could expect to learn much about relationships. Wood handled it with charm and ease. Well handled, old friend. My laugh gave away how I felt about it! (Clips after the jump.)

Wood and I got to know each other when, after finding out that he was a huge fan of my clients The Apples in stereo, we worked together to help launch his record label, Simian Records. This working time was particularly fruitful as he directed his first music video (Energy) with Josh and Jason Diamond (aka The Diamond Bros). He also starred in a short film “Exploring The Universe” and the music video “Dance Floor” (both directed by Greg Gilpatrick), for The Apples in stereo’s album “Travellers In Space And Time.” Fun times, indeed.

Maniac Trailer

“Exploring The Universe”


“Dance Floor”

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