Sonic Youth: The Eternal Kansas City

Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo arrived in Manhattan in the late ‘70’s, just in time for the end of punk rock and its avant-garde cousin, no wave. The two met while performing with downtown guitar-orchestra composer Glenn Branca, whose extended works featured multiple guitars playing highly layered, dissonant ensemble pieces. In 1980, Moore formed SONIC YOUTH with bassist/art-school graduate Kim Gordon (who would marry Moore) and drummer Richard Edson. Ranaldo joined almost immediately.

According to Rolling Stone Sonic Youth is the “…avatar of noisy, underground guitar rock. After making the transition from uncompromising avant-rockers in the early ’80s to indie guitar-pop trailblazers by decade’s end, the group became the alternative-music world’s brightest beacon.”

In 2009, Sonic Youth’s sound continues to influence and push boundaries, and though the band has always written memorable songs, their passion for wild experimentation has never slowed. Hot on the heels of their brilliant new album The Eternal, INNOVATORS IN MUSIC caught up with the band in mid-tour form in Kansas City, MO.

A blistering rock show rattles the roof that night at the century old Uptown Theatre. It is surely a treat to see NYC
art-rock so enthusiastically received in the heart of the mid-west. Sonic Youth perform with such intensity and focus of vision that the world outside seems to stop, as if left behind somehow.

INNOVATORS IN MUSIC is fully, completely excited to present Sonic Youth live in The Eternal Kansas City

With never-before-seen footage from the band’s early years and extensive commentary from guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo.