Editorial: Motorino’s Bikes Damage Trees

Massive amount of bikes leaning against a tree in front of Motorino.


UPDATE: A 311 Service Request #: C1-1-969386001   /    Date Submitted: 05/15/14 12:44:46 PM   / 
Request Type: Illegal Tree Damage   /   Details: Bicycle Chained to Tree

Tweet This: . They kill trees with their bikes and make a killing off of delivery business.

As an avid bicyclist and pizza lover, it pains me to write this note to you. East Village food staple Motorino is actively uncaring and hurting the lone tree in front of its establishment.

It is leaning and locking its massive supply of bikes to the trunk. Everyone knows the value of a tree and how NYC has a dearth of them. This restaurant simply does not care. It wants your business but not any of the responsibility that goes along with it.

Let me explain further, I have approached the restaurant about this problem on numerous occasions. At first gently nudging them 6 months ago, discussing the bike-hurts-tree issue with initially-seemingly-caring-blond-maned, bearded manager of the establishment. He assured me he would take it up with the owners with a concerned tone in his voice. Silly me that I would believe him! I’m such a sucker for logic and doing the right thing!!

As the weather has improved, I started noticing nothing had changed. Gasp! Could it be the manager had misled me on purpose? Say it isn’t so! (As a point of fact, I have been good for Motorino, frequently recommending it to friends, have eaten at and even (gasp) ordered take-out from them on numerous occasions.)

As with the other instances, I beckoned him out front, pointed in the direction of the tree and the too-numerous-to-count delivery bikes locked and resting against the bark of this poor tree.

At first, he pleads ignorance, asks for my suggestions and claimed to be sympathetic to the trees’ plight. “I ask you. What should we do?” he asked while shrugging sensitively at the tree in question. He asked for solutions. Cool, I thought, he really wants to address the problem. I’ll show him some immediately!

When I returned 10 minutes later with ideas in the form of pictures from their neighborhood’s other more pro-active, environmentally sound tree-protecting solutions, he shrugged me off.

I submit to you the pics that state the obvious. By any business standard, the abuse is excessive, there are ignored options nearby (city bike stand) and more more importantly, pure greed and lack of community concern keeps Motorino and other businesses acting the way they do. The manager stated they have “15 bicycles,” this indicates demand is high for their wonderful pizza! However, when it comes to the neighborhood, they are taking us for granted and for this I say no more.

After giving Motorino the opportunity to get in front of this issue 6 months ago, they have dismissed it. As Jimmy Stewart said in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington “Either I’m dead right, or I’m crazy!” I know this is an issue that the neighborhood believes in… I suggest letting your feelings be known on Yelp. Share your pictures. Let them and other businesses know that this is unacceptable!

Many will shrug this off as simply as the price of business, I believe that logic says otherwise. As NYC becomes more of a biking community, this issue will come up again and more frequently. It is also an issue that can be easily eliminated.

Thanks for reading and, if you care… acting.

For more information goto The Chainlink and its forum piece on the effects of locking bikes to trees.

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