June 14th, 2014 Has Been Officially Proclaimed Steve Keene Day by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

June 14th, 2014 Has Been Officially Proclaimed Steve Keene Day by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

Blick / Utrecht Art Supplies Sponsors Steve Keene as Artist-in-Residence / NYC Debut at Brooklyn Public Library

Steve Keene at his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Glam Saboteurs Evil Arrows To Perform At Grand Opening/Affordable Art Fair Celebration on June 14th

Borough President Eric Adams has proclaimed June 14th, 2014 “Steve Keene’s Experience Day” throughout Brooklyn, NY, to celebrate Keene’s debut NYC Show at the Brooklyn Public Library. Brooklynites will be treated to a Keene performance experience as he paints in the round, outdoors on the Library’s Grand Plaza.

Keene is a prolific artist, with more than 250,000 pieces in public and private collections. He is well known among independent music fans for creating original album artwork, video sets, stage sets and promotional posters for musical artists such as Silver Jews, Pavement, The Apples in stereo, Soul Coughing, Merzbow and The Dave Matthews Band.

From June 14th to August 29th, an exhibition entitled Steve Keene’s Brooklyn Experiencewill feature works in Central Library’s Grand Lobby that pay homage to Brooklyn and to BPL, rendered in Keene’s Wood Sculpture and Tattooed Plywood. To create these works, Keene draws and models in 3D software that then generates files that are cut by aComputer Numerical Control router into plywood sheets. The output becomes the building blocks for the Wood Sculptures and the engraved drawings that are Tattooed Plywood.

Blick Art Materials / Utrecht Art Supplies have sponsored the event, providing Keene with all paints he will need for his three month residency at Brooklyn Public Library as well as discounts and raffles for prizes to celebrate the opening weekend, which will take place at the Central Library at 10 Grand Army Plaza on Saturday, June 14th at 1pm.

Blick Art Materials / Utrecht’s store in Brooklyn will feature a demonstration by Keene on June 18th. The Utrecht Store is located at 536 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

Evil Arrows, a new Brooklyn-based indie group formed by Bryan Scary (formerly of his Shredding Tears) bring their dynamic, cranked-up, glam inspired songs to the Plaza for the festivities that day at 1pm. Preview Evil Arrows’ two EPs featuring “Last Living Doll” HERE.

“I’m excited about working with Brooklyn Public Library,” stated Keene. “A library is like a train station for the mind. It is the point from which you can travel anywhere, everywhere. There is something so energizing about both the familiar and the unknown all at your fingertips waiting for new connections to be made. I try to include this sense of unlimited possibility in my work.”

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For More Information on Steve Keene Please Contact:
Pam Nashel Leto @ Girlie Action (212) 989-2222 x 111 Pam@Girlie.com
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Gravitation Generator: Steve Keene “The Most Productive Artist of All Time”

Steve Keene at his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Steve Keene-Profile12503 web“There needs to be a Johnny Appleseed of art, and there is and it’s Steve Keene.” – The Apples in stereo’s Robert Schneider*

Steve Keene may be the most productive artist of all time. The Williamsburg, Brooklyn based artist, with over 250,000 (two-hundred fifty thousand) pieces created to date, is perhaps the most mission-driven ever. Unproductive simply isn’t allowed into his world – it’s impractical. Continue reading “Gravitation Generator: Steve Keene “The Most Productive Artist of All Time””