Ted Leo covers The Apples in Stereo, Robert on Yo Gabba and more!

More news from The Apples in stereo!  First off, Robert Schneider (as Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine) will be performing the song “We R Super Heroes” on Nickelodeon’s Yo Gabba Gabba  tomorrow March 11. Other “Super Hero” guests will include Mos Def, Devo, Super Biz Markie and The Aquabats.
Yo Gabba’s first guest was Elijah Wood, who yes! is in the short film “Exploring the Universe” along with Robert.  We’ve got the Elijah/Apples video on YouTube for you now, with a link to the E.L.F.N.T. 6 time machine below (for streaming music, downloads family tree and more.)  So feel free to post & share the love.


Step Through the Portal

And as a shout out to the influence of The Apples and to celebrate the release of Travellers in Space and Time, some of indie rock’s premiere artists have teamed up to cover Apples tracks for an exclusive vinyl 12”.

Future Vintage: Covers of The Apples in stereo will be available for free with purchase of Travellers at your favorite local indie retailer on national Record Store Day, April 17th.
Track Listing
Side A:
1. “Ruby” by Ted Leo
2. “Benefits of Lying (w/ Your Friend)” by Bad Veins
3. “The Rainbow” by Throw Me The Statue
Side B:
1. “Ruby” by The Generationals+
2. “Same Old Drag” by Maps and Atlases
3. “Strawberryfire” by Elf Power
+Generationals are on tour with The Apples in stereo in April!