The Apples in stereo @ Pitchfork 7.20.08

Check out You Aint No Picasso’s reporting of The Apples show at Pitchfork. Photos at the link.


I’ve got to say that the Apples in Stereo keep getting better and better. I’ve probably seen them more than any other band (De Novo Dahl might top them, though), but they’ve yet to get boring. And even though their setlists didn’t really change too much there for a year and a half, they really brought all the fun ones out for Pitchfork. We got ones I don’t always hear like “Rainbow,” “Ruby” and even an old one whose name escapes me.

The best part? I wasn’t alone in my Apples love. I saw people who were waiting in front of Les Savy Fav’s stage start dancing and even singing along to the closing “ba ba”s of “Ruby.” The Apples’ sunny music was a perfect compliment to the sunny weather.

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